Letter of protest to President of State of Israel, Shimon Peres – Marjan Hajnal


Marjan Hajnal

Master of political sciences, independent analyst and publicist.

Nationality of Izrael and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Living in Izrael since 23. 06. 1993.

Tel Aviv, 11. 07. 2013.


Letter of protest

 to President of State of Israel, Shimon Peres with regards to your

personal view about the independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mister President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres!

This is not the first letter im writing to you. Previous one was was for the use of the media in the Bosnian language, but this one will arrive in multilingual form to the addresses of a number of embassies in Israel and throughout the world, also to the UN address as well as the Nobel Prize Commission in Oslo. Likewise it will also be sent to the domestic and foreign press, electronic and television media.

As you can see from my introduction I have a dual citizenship, Israeli and Bosnian. In June of this year it will be twenty years since I moved to Israel. I arrived with my family together with many others, fleeing from the war in former Yugoslavia in 1991. Also, as you can see, I am a political scientist by profession which gives me an understanding of the roots and the reasons for the breakup of Yugoslavia. It is much more difficult for me to understand your biased view against internationally recognized independent state of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (in the following text refered to as Bosnia).

Mr. President, you are making a huge error and injustice, with unforgivable consequences not only to the people of Bosnia and its citizens in forced exile, but your biased view also affects the tragic exodus of all of the Jewish people throughout the history, from Egypt, Babylon, Rome, Spain, Germany and Russia. Are you forgetting what it means to be killed on your own doorstep? To be forced out of your motherland.

It does not surprise me you are making mistakes as a politician. I am surprised you’re making mistakes as a Nobel Peace Prize laureat.

Showing your hospitality on two occasions to Milorad Dodik, the President of the phantom-like, impossible and unsunstainable, inner-Bosnian and self-proclaimed Federal Republic of Srpska, officially temporarily recognised by the Dayton Peace agreement in order to stop the armed Invasion of Independent Bosnia by Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia, you affirmed aggression against a sovereign state, approved of looting and arson of private and public property, ecocide, urbicide, culture-cide, affirmed all the crimes against innocent people and mass rapes of Bosniak women.

Doesn’t that aggression resemble the agression against Israel immediately after the establishment of an independent state in 1948. and wars of 1956., 1967.,1973. or war in 1981?

Israel, helped by the international factors in those years could defend and even exceed the counteroffensive, and conquer territory that did not belong to Israel, whilst the arms embargo was introduced to Bosnia. Bosnia still managed to defend itself, but in relation to Israel, even then, in 1992, nor ever in its millennium history has it crossed the border and attacked its neighbors on their territory.

In my personal jargon I have marked you as Israeli Rishelieu’s, which you could take as a compliment. No doubt, you also have some positive merits, but they are overshadowed by your negative influence on domestic and foreign policy of Israel. Your Machiavellian three-personality is not commendable.

I often wrote about you but unfortunately, you have never given me any reason to introduce you as a positive person, either because of your chameleon adherence to any government, or because of the relationship with the Palestinians. Why not finally admit defeat of your alleged peacekeeping mission to the Israeli and international public and declare that peace with the Palestinians has never been and never will be possible?

Is it so difficult for you to give back the reward that does not belong to you?

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