Letter of protest to President of State of Israel, Shimon Peres – Marjan Hajnal


Marjan Hajnal

Master of political sciences, independent analyst and publicist.

Nationality of Izrael and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Living in Izrael since 23. 06. 1993.

Tel Aviv, 11. 07. 2013.


Letter of protest

 to President of State of Israel, Shimon Peres with regards to your

personal view about the independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mister President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres!

This is not the first letter im writing to you. Previous one was was for the use of the media in the Bosnian language, but this one will arrive in multilingual form to the addresses of a number of embassies in Israel and throughout the world, also to the UN address as well as the Nobel Prize Commission in Oslo. Likewise it will also be sent to the domestic and foreign press, electronic and television media.

As you can see from my introduction I have a dual citizenship, Israeli and Bosnian. In June of this year it will be twenty years since I moved to Israel. I arrived with my family together with many others, fleeing from the war in former Yugoslavia in 1991. Also, as you can see, I am a political scientist by profession which gives me an understanding of the roots and the reasons for the breakup of Yugoslavia. It is much more difficult for me to understand your biased view against internationally recognized independent state of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (in the following text refered to as Bosnia).

Mr. President, you are making a huge error and injustice, with unforgivable consequences not only to the people of Bosnia and its citizens in forced exile, but your biased view also affects the tragic exodus of all of the Jewish people throughout the history, from Egypt, Babylon, Rome, Spain, Germany and Russia. Are you forgetting what it means to be killed on your own doorstep? To be forced out of your motherland.

It does not surprise me you are making mistakes as a politician. I am surprised you’re making mistakes as a Nobel Peace Prize laureat.

Showing your hospitality on two occasions to Milorad Dodik, the President of the phantom-like, impossible and unsunstainable, inner-Bosnian and self-proclaimed Federal Republic of Srpska, officially temporarily recognised by the Dayton Peace agreement in order to stop the armed Invasion of Independent Bosnia by Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia, you affirmed aggression against a sovereign state, approved of looting and arson of private and public property, ecocide, urbicide, culture-cide, affirmed all the crimes against innocent people and mass rapes of Bosniak women.

Doesn’t that aggression resemble the agression against Israel immediately after the establishment of an independent state in 1948. and wars of 1956., 1967.,1973. or war in 1981?

Israel, helped by the international factors in those years could defend and even exceed the counteroffensive, and conquer territory that did not belong to Israel, whilst the arms embargo was introduced to Bosnia. Bosnia still managed to defend itself, but in relation to Israel, even then, in 1992, nor ever in its millennium history has it crossed the border and attacked its neighbors on their territory.

In my personal jargon I have marked you as Israeli Rishelieu’s, which you could take as a compliment. No doubt, you also have some positive merits, but they are overshadowed by your negative influence on domestic and foreign policy of Israel. Your Machiavellian three-personality is not commendable.

I often wrote about you but unfortunately, you have never given me any reason to introduce you as a positive person, either because of your chameleon adherence to any government, or because of the relationship with the Palestinians. Why not finally admit defeat of your alleged peacekeeping mission to the Israeli and international public and declare that peace with the Palestinians has never been and never will be possible?

Is it so difficult for you to give back the reward that does not belong to you?

Twenty years ago I traveled freely throughout Israel but today its a country of walls and fences. A fertile land in Bosnia is littered with mines that are killing children. For all that we blame the false peacemakers. Besides that, the biggest victim of your delusion was Yitzhak Rabin. His murder occurred as a result of your inappropriate idealistic “pacifism”. Indirectly, Yasser Arafat was also eliminated under the same halo of the Machiavelianism. Results of professional expertise, clinical and laboratory analysis and real arguments is impossible to deny.

It is noticeable that you are amongst the first to congratulate the new Pope for his election and invited him to visit Israel. There is no doubt that he will respond to your call. Like his predecessors, he will come. The Pope likes Israel, especially the Jesuits who will never admit what they really think about Jews and what plans Jesuits have for Israel. But you ought to know that, unless you do not want to know. Doesn’t an aspect of your life speak about close ties with the Jesuits, and haven’t these ties remained alive since this day?

However, why not take this opportunity to remind him as a Nobel laureate about the peace in the Balkans, that is the unfinished war in Bosnia, make an appeal on behalf of the European and World Peace that the Catholics in Bosnia recognise the indivisibility and inviolability of the country in which they live.

A few weeks ago, a three-months old baby died. The baby, Berina Hamidović, couldn’t get the basic citizen’s ID number because of the administrative complication (due entirely to a political deadlock in the country), and for this reason she couldn’t be sent for treatment on time to another country. This is how sad the situation is in Bosnia today, the country which was cut apart by Dayton agreement to which your beloved William-Bill Clinton witnessed/presided. I regard him as one of the chief masterminds of the genocide in Srebrenica, and a strategist who planned a contamination of a fertile land and fresh water source by 11.000 tons of depleted uranium. And, while children are dying of illness and hunger in Bosnia, you pay this most failed and most immoral president 500.000$ for one single lecture (twice the amount he would have get in the US). How did he deserve this? Did he come to Israel to celebrate your birthday or because of a business related to the exploitation of natural gas? All innocent people in Bosnia are my compatriots, which ever way they pray to God. They don’t deserve to be collectively punished by a politician whose misdeeds you are rewarding instead of condemning him. You have disappointed me as a man and even more as a nominal peacemaker. I am sorry, but I do not believe in such kind of peacemaking. A person like Naftali Bennett represents a real face of your false pacifism. Only a day after he stated that the Palestinian state is just an empty illusion, attacks on the property and peaceful residence of Abu Gosh happened. As a president of the state, do you have any influence to restrain such spoiled and half-literate „politicians“? Your interventions remain vague and inaccessible, but I am sure you know that, as politics is not a combination of verbalism, nice thoughts and promising the impossible, but something practically realizable.

During the Ottoman Empire, Bosniaks in Hertzlia had their little commune with mosque visible even today. Israel had in 1992. received about 4,000 of my fellow countrymen, but they were accepted as Yugoslavs, to the association of immigrants from former Yugoslavia. My passport still states the fact that I’m from Yugoslavia, not from Bosnia. Bosnia was recognized by the UN, but not by Israel. Why?

Is it because you believe that Bosnia is invaded by the mujahideens!? They assure you of that from the Republic of Serbia and you believe that!? Then you also trust that the Bosnian Muslims themselves can very well resist militant Islamic fundamentalism, which has been done already, after overpowering any attempts of extremism. There have been attempts of importing talibanizma and Wahhabism from Arab countries, but they have been sporadic and have no chance of gaining the wider population support. For Bosnians/Bosniaks are like that, they do not like and do not support the outside influence. Therefore, even a powerful Turkish empire failed to stay in Bosnia indefinitely.

 In Tel Aviv operates the Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina branch as the Embassy, but it is only office whose staff and activities are regulated the Serbian Republic. It is a fictitious embassy where I’m not welcome as a Bosnian. This is not the Embassy of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Can you understand that?

Your positive bias towards Serbs is unfounded in logic and is against historical reality. Serbs against Bosniaks led a total of 11 genocides. And surely you already know that Serbia was the first of the “Juden-rein” territories in Europe under Nazi occupation. And that on the territory inhabited by the Serbs, out of the 56 synagogues after World War two, 40 of them were destroyed, especially after the 1948. It was a clear message and “brotherly” greeting to the establishment of Israel – Zionist state.

You can check, in Serbia today among hardened neo-Nazis, terrorists and anti-Semites “Mein Kampf” is the most widely read book. For the translator and editor of the Cyrillic Belgrade edition of this book, Hitler “…is the last hero of humanity.”

Where do you live, Mr. President!?

It is impossible that your “friends” in Belgrade and Banja Luka are not informing you of this. Or at least, Mossad should know about it. Are you not at all disturbed by the current pro-fascist rate policy in Serbia, which reaffirms the Chetniks that were on the side of the German Nazis?

What ideology of peace you represent when you support genocide in Bosnia? Can you not see that by the appearance and spread of the ideology of hatred Chetniks are infact the largest and most dangerous mujahideens in Europe today? What is the difference between them and the Afghan Taliban? There is no difference, except for the fact that the Taliban defend their country. Even Israel is defending their country from Hamas and Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad.

Insofar the relationship between Bosnians and Israelis is direct and it would be logical for Israel to support a unified Bosnia, not its militant Mujahadeen-terrorist enclave, the so-called “republic” created by genocide. Or you, even as a Nobel laureate, deny the decision of the International Court in The Hague, which recognized that the war against Bosnia was genocide, calculated on the destruction of Bosnia and Bosnians as a nation, is guided primarily by the planned aggression against the Bosnian Muslims, and all the “other” probosnian Bosnians which include me.

I think the deciding factor of your bias is general Islamophobia, intensified by your fake allies and their dirty propaganda intensified by the fake para-state allies and their leader who is infact a traitor to his country, criminogenic Milorad Dodik. He is de facto a former and present economic criminal, who is no different to Avigdor Lieberman and its no coincidence that they agree so well. But how did you get inside this antibosnian circle? Shouldn’t a Nobel laureate be against even the most minimal form of xenophobia? Particularly the distinguished peacemaker, Shimon Peres.

Mr. President,

You and I, we met and shook hands twice, the first time at the Museum of Israel, for the second time during your pre-election visit to Bat-Yam. I regret those handling. I did not know that you will also shake hands with Dodik, who does not recognise his state of Bosnia.

 I was president of the largest branch of the Association of immigrants from the former Yugoslavia. As such, I prepared extensive book The Anthology Creativity of our Immigrants. But I must ask you a question: Why have almost all of the refugees from Bosnia returned and even whilst the war lasted? You do not know? They were driven away by the likable performers of Šumadia Serbian folklore, while their relatives throughout Bosnia-Chetniks with the same uniform, the traditional peasant boots and hats, raped women and slaughtered Bosniak parents and children.

I left the Association which needs no Bosnians, only businessmen who mingle with Nazi scum in Serbia or in the “Serbian Republic” Israel is full of them, which raise capitalist tenders in blood of innocent citizens. I personally know of such and you’ve also met them.

Do you have any personal interest on transfers with them? What were the real goals of your visit to Banja Luka? They bring war criminals to Israel and one was arrested, but the extradition procedure is biased and consciously keeps stalling. How is it possible that you as a peacemaker are not engaged in prevention of the import of the proven Nazism? I’m allowed to question your personal patronage of the concealment of crimes and criminals.

Mr. Peres, you are not conducive to peace. Your policy is damaging not only to Bosnia, it affects the interests of honourable segments of the Serbian people who already have had enough. Pointing audience on red carpet and on two occasions, to the progenitor of the modern era of fascism in Europe, criminal Milorad Dodik, you have created a very negative image firstly about yourself, but also about Israel that you lead as president. And not to speakabout the devaluation of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mr. President,

Make no mistake and please remember: I’m not xenophobic. I have nothing against either Orthodoxy or the Serbs. In my family there are all of us and them, but the most refined that survived are the genuine anti-fascists who were fighting against the Nazis and fought for the future of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. Or, would you prefer, after your support for the destruction of Bosnia and the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia and the Bosnians, that I do not exist and for Israel to become Bosnier-rein?

If I’m wrong, as I am sending you this public letter, the same way I will make a public apology. If I’m not mistaken, is there any hope that you will take advantage of all your reputation and immediately stand up for the preservation of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a historical country, lasting for an entire millennium, with all the elements of statehood.

 At the end mr. President, let me in advance congratulate you oncomming 90-th birthday, with usual Israeli desire „to 120-well“. I just hope and I believe that you will resist the vanities and you will prove it, before your biological clock runs out, that you have a broader understanding of the reality than mine which could be subjective perception of Bosnia-Herzegovina crisis. But if you think well of Israel, you should establish an analogy between the future Jewish state advocated by the future state of Bosnians.

Yours sincerely,

Marjan Hajnal



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